Portland, Or.

Shelmet Construction

Shelmet Construction

Shelmet Construction is a local family ran construction company that specializes in decking, siding and custom tile work. We service Portland and Vancouver areas.

Trex Deck Builders

Call Shelmet Construction now to get a estimate on your new deck. Shelmet will give you a free estimate and follow it up with a timely completion of your new deck.

What are the best choices for decking materials in Portland?

One of the best and most affordable decking materials is the laminate composite decking board (Trex). This material is built to be placed on no more then a 16″ sub frame system. A to long of span will warp the boards over a short time.

Cedar decking is also a great decking system. It is a high maintenance decking system. Again best on a 16″ sub frame and pre-staining of the decking boards will be much easier then staining after the deck boards have been installed. Once the deck is built you can plan on re applying a coat of stain every 2 years at least.

PVC decking is a system that is a low maintenance, again best installed on a 16″ sub frame. The PVC decking boards are very expensive and will scratch.

Water proof decking, there are a few different ways to build a weather proof deck. 

  • DeckRite product is a membrane and comes in many different colors. Most are in a 5′ roll and it can be installed over the top of a older deck with just a little prep work. It last 15 to 20 years. This type of membrane deck cover is low maintenance and looks good.
  • Spantex products are a waterproofing system where a couple coatings of the product are applied over a smooth surface. You can install sanded plywood and fill all the holes and seams. Then apply the product. This is a low maintenance high wear decking surface. You will need a professional decking contractor to install this system. Life span is roughly 15 to 20 years.

Deck Repair By Shelmet Construction.

If you already have a deck but it is in need of repair, Shelmet can help. They specialize in beam replacement, stair tread repair and general dry-rot areas.

New Siding and Siding Repair.

Shelmet can install siding on new construction or remove and repair bad siding. Give them a call for a free estimate.

Custom Tile Work By Shelmet Construction.

Are you in need of some custom tile work? Yep, Shelmet can do that also. Give them a call to get a free quote for your tile projects.

Kitchen and Bathroom Remodels.

Looking for bids on a kitchen remodel? Or maybe you need your bathroom redone, call Shelmet for a free estimate.

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